How To Be Successful In Network Marketing

Want to make 2020 the year that you achieve your goals in your network marketing business? You’re going to want to bookmark this post, because these 7 tips will teach you how to be successful in network marketing in 2020.

Much has changed over the last 10 years. Back in 2010, most network marketers did not use social media to promote their products or prospect new team members. Facebook was just getting popular and Instagram didn’t even exist!

Today social media has become many network marketers’ only method of prospecting. Facebook and Instagram are oversaturated with direct sales and mlm pitches and links. What worked in 2013 and 2014 does not work anymore. Social media has evolved and to be successful in 2020, network marketers have to evolve as well.

Social media isn’t dead for network marketers in 2020 and beyond, but it isn’t as effective as it used to be. Smart network marketers have been adapting by using new strategies and tools to get their message out. This post outlines the best practices for how to be successful in network marketing business in 2020 and not be left behind using outdated methods.

How To Be Successful In Network Marketing

  1.  Talk To People With Your Voice – Not All In Text
  2. Meet New People Daily
  3. Offer Value By Solving Their Problems
  4. Create An Email List
  5. Brand YOUrself – Not Your Company
  6. Create A Blog For Your Network Marketing Business
  7. Learn New Network Marketing Skills And Teach Them To Your Team
    Final Thoughts On How To Be Successful In Network Marketing 

1. Talk To People With Your Voice – Not All In Text

It may sound silly, but the most effective strategy for network marketing success in 2020 is actually talking to people. Social media commenting and texting have become the most common forms of communication over the last few years. This has left people craving human connection, and that means hearing your voice.

Much of your prospecting will begin somewhere online. They key is to get your conversation offline as quickly as possible, whether it’s through voice memos, phone or video messages. No matter which strategies you use to be successful in network marketing in 2020, make sure that using your voice is part of it.

Let Them Hear You
Podcasting is all the rage for 2020. In the last year, the number of podcast shows went up by over 1/3 from 550,000 to 800,000. Listeners also increased from 44% of the population to 51%. Podcast listeners are educated and make an above average income, which makes them great prospects. Best of all nearly 80% listen to all or most of each episode they download.

Podcasting is my favorite strategy for brand visibility in 2020. A podcast can be set up over a weekend with minimal equipment and set up cost. Recording your voice is far less scary than recording video for YouTube. And with only 800,000 shows, it is much easier to be heard than on YouTube where there are over 23,000,000 (yes 23 million) channels to compete with.

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Having a podcast creates credibility and visibility for your personal brand. I started my podcast in October of 2019 for less than $100. You can listen to my most recent episodes of my Influence Builders Academy podcast here for some inspiration to start your own.

2. Meet New People Daily

Meeting new people is critical to your success as a network marketer in 2020. I aim to add 3 new people to my list every day. So, where do you find new people every day?

Meet People Online

Social media is still a great place to meet new people. 


Joining Facebook groups to meet people who share your interests is a great strategy for 2020. Don’t join Facebook groups with the intention of enrolling people right away. Your goal is to add value to the group. Answer questions (without dropping your product links!!), offer valuable information, and make some friends. Once people in the group start to know, like and trust you, you can take your conversations to Facebook Messenger. Even if they aren’t interested in your products or opportunity, as long as you’ve given them value they may become amazing referral partners.

It’s still possible to build your network marketing business on Facebook. These Facebook marketing tips still apply today and so do these Facebook Live tips. Applying these strategies properly on Facebook will help your audience grow naturally and make adding people to your list a simple task.


Want to add new people to your list that live local to you? Instagram makes this simple. Using hashtags and location tags, you can search for your city or local venues. Do you frequent a coffee shop, restaurant or shopping center? Search for posts with that hashtag or location tag and follow the user who posted it. Who knows? You might run into them there and have something to talk about! 

Instagram / Facebook Stories

Stories are a great way for your audience to get to know you. They are also a great tool to see who is watching you. Your story viewers are available to you for a full 24 hours after your story is posted. The people you see following your stories are great people to add to your list.


Meetup Groups

Websites like and allow you to search for events happening near you. You can search for business events, social events and even events that are specific to your interests and hobbies. Make a goal to attend at least one new event a month and after a few you can plan one of your own using the same website to promote it.

Chamber Of Commerce

Your local chamber of commerce is filled with business minded people who want to grow their business. Every chamber is different, but they all have monthly events where you can meet a lot of people. Most will allow you to visit once or twice for free. Search Google to find local chamber events near you.

3. Offer Value By Solving Their Problems

What is your superpower? I define your superpower as the combination of something you love and something you can teach. If you are looking to uncover your superpower, I have a free 3 part video series that will help in my Influence Builders Academy training.

Once you’ve defined your superpower, it’s time to unleash it to the world. You can offer value on Facebook live broadcasts, by creating printable worksheets or writing E Books, or by recording videos or podcasts. Leading with value is by far the biggest tip for network marketing success in 2020. If you deliver value, your audience will be thankful for your information and want to continue to have a relationship with you.

The key here is to make sure that you are collecting their information to follow up with them and keep them engaged.

4. Create An Email List

The only prospect list you can own online is your email list. Unlike your lists of Facebook, Instagram or YouTube followers, your email list is yours. Even your list of customers in your network marketing company belongs to the company. If you choose to change companies or your company is shut down, you can’t take that list with you. 

When you offer value through E Books, worksheets or online courses, I recommend you have people opt in with their email address. Then you can send them emails with more value to further your relationship.

Create a relationship through your emails. Let your audience get to know you and keep offering value. Once your audience gets to know, like and trust you they will want to purchase something from you or work with you more closely by joining your team.

There are quite a few email providers out there that help you collect email addresses legally. My favorite is Aweber for both price and customer service. You can find out more about Aweber here.

5. Brand YOUrself – Not Your Company

If you want to see network marketing success in 2020, you need to create a personal brand. The biggest mistake I see in network marketing is people branding their company and not themselves. As a network marketer, you are not your company. You have no control over your products or your compensation plan. The company could go out of business or choose to change their business model. If you are branding the company and this happens, you are forced to start over with something new.

The best reason to brand yourself is this: People follow people, not companies. If you brand yourself, your followers will follow you no matter what company you align yourself with. This gives you freedom and flexibility to choose how you make an income over time without ever worrying about losing the work you put in branding a company or product line.

When you brand yourself, your brand stays with you for life. If you choose to change companies or add a new facet to your business, your brand goes with you. When people ask me how to be successful in network marketing in 2020, I always start with personal branding. You can learn exactly how to build your brand with my free Influence Builders Academy video series and workbook.

6. Create A Blog For Your Network Marketing Business

Having your own blog or website is important for many reasons. First, it gives you ownership of a central hub for all of your online media. You can’t own your Facebook page, your Instagram feed or your YouTube channel, but you can own a blog. Second, a blog allows you to host forms to collect emails from your followers. Third, a blog gives you the ability to create evergreen content. Evergreen content is content that it searchable for years to come, unlike social media posts that get lost in the feed within a few hours. 

How many times have you prepared for a Facebook Live broadcast only to have it buried in the newsfeed within a day? If you’re going through all the effort of planning really good Facebook Live Videos, wouldn’t it be great to have them on your network marketing blog where they could be viewed for years? Same goes with that great post you spent an hour writing. When you repurpose that content to your blog, not only can it be read forever, but it can also be found through Google search using SEO strategies found here.

Would you like to start creating a blog for network marketing in 2020? There are a few things to consider before getting started. See my post on the network marketing blog tips I wish I’d known before starting my blog to help you avoid the mistakes I made.

7. Learn New Network Marketing Skills And Teach Them To Your Team

Network marketing is the only profession I know of where you don’t need a degree or education to create a multiple six figure income. Yes, it’s true that you don’t need a formal education, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to learn skills to build a team and a significant income. There are a lot of ways to learn these skills.

Team trainings and calls
Thanks to and conference calling services, network marketing teams from around the globe can share information efficiently and cost effectively. If your team offers training calls, plug in to all you can. Search YouTube and Vimeo for training videos from company leaders. Become a sponge for information and inspiration and then pass it to your team.

Company Events
Company events are hands down the best way to grow your business. Eric Worre, one of the best network marketing trainers in the business, said that every team member you bring to an event will add $1,000 per year to your income. Why not bring 10 people to your next event, or 100? They will be taught skills in a few days that will take you months or years to teach them. Also, remember what I said about people craving connection? Events are made for connecting people who are passionate about the same products and opportunity. If you haven’t been to a company event, go. If you have, then bring at least 3 people with you to the next one. Events truly are the lifeblood of our business.

Network Marketing Books
There are a lot of network marketing books that teach the skills necessary to build a profitable business. These top 10 network marketing books will get you well on your way to learning how to prospect, recruit and become a network marketing leader. I always learn something new when I read a network marketing book, and it gives me something new to teach my team and my email subscribers.

Final Thoughts On How To Be Successful In Network Marketing In 2020
Social Media and online conversations have been very effective over the last 10 years. The social media landscape has changed and so many people are unplugging from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In the next 10 years, network marketers will need to adapt and create more in-person relationships to create solid teams and businesses.

When you apply the 7 tips above, you will meet new people, create relationships and attract your ideal customers and team members. Which tip will you apply first to create network marketing success in 2020? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to cheer you on! 


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