AMWAY Home Toilet Bowl Cleaner (750ml)


A fast-acting, fresh-scented, powerful toilet cleaner that eliminates limescale, stubborn stains and unpleasant odor’s. Just using a small amount regularly leaves toilets clean and safe, without harming plumbing or septic systems.

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  • Guaranteed 100% limescale removal
  • Removes germs and bacteria
  • Powers away stubborn stains and helps eliminate unpleasant lingering odor’s
  • Effective surfactant and organic acid system provides excellent cleaning performance. Uses a combination of biodegradable ingredients and natural, plant-derived acids
  • Contains no phosphates, harsh acids/alkalis or chlorine bleach
  • Works below the water line to remove hard water mineral stains and deposits, limescale and body soil build-up
  • Fresh scent with NEUTRALODOR deodorizing
  • Phosphate-free and chlorine-free
  • No harsh mineral acids
  • Causes no damage to septic systems or plumbing


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