Gentle, yet thoroughly effective, ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND Rich Cleansing Foam is a luxurious way to sweep away make-up and pore-clogging impurities that build up during the day and night. Suitable for all skin types, Rich Cleansing Foam not only cleanses skin, but also soothes and conditions it.

As the foam is worked into a rich, luxurious lather, moisturising ingredients are activated and delivered directly to the clean skin, ensuring maximum absorption and hydration. The result? A radiant and refreshed complexion after each and every wash.

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  • Gentle but effective cleansing. Make-up and pore-clogging impurities are swept away effectively, while the luxurious lather and moisturising properties ensure a gentle, refreshing experience.
  • Smoothing and conditioning. The infusion of Oat Extract works to smooth and nourish skin.
  • Protection and nourishment. The combination of African Baobab Tree extracts and a variety of advanced conditioning ingredients help to protect, moisturise and nourish skin during the cleansing process.


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