ARTISTRY™ Youth Xtend Softening Lotion; Toner


Ideal for all skin types, ARTISTRY’s YOUTH XTEND Softening Lotion prepares skin perfectly for the anti-ageing benefits delivered by the revolutionary products in the ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND range. For use morning and night, Softening Lotion helps lock in precious moisture and smoothes and conditions skin, leaving it feeling soft, strong and primed for the next stage in creating a youthful look.


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  • Soft, smooth and instantly hydrated skin. Conditioning Formula works to soften, smooth and hydrate skin throughout the toning process and after.
  • Naturally seal in moisture. Japanese Lilyturf strengthens the Tight Junction, the element of the skin that controls moisture levels.
  • Rapid absorption of nutrients. The special formula found in Softening Lotion primes skin for the absorption of nutrients, such as those found in ARTISTRY YOUTH XTEND products like Serum Concentrate.


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