Dish Drops™ Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid (1 Litre)


Effective, highly-concentrated formula cuts through grease and attacks dried-on foods, yet gentle to hands. The powerful formula contains a Quadruple-patented blend of cleansing agents, aloe vera, alphahydroxy acid and natural extracts of the shiso plant.
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  • Cuts through heavy grease and dried-on food, leaving dishes sparkling clean and residue-free
  • Highly-concentrated, patented formula is now even more economical to use: more cleaning power with less product
  • Contains new triple-patented blend of aloe vera, alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), plus natural extracts of the shiso plant to act as a non-irritant and help maintain healthy skin
  • 84% of the active ingredients are made from natural sources
  • Better pH stability improves and controls odours commonly associated with kitchen sponges/cloths and drains
  • Rinses clean easily with no harmful residues
  • Leaves dishes and sponge/brush hygienically clean
  • Excellent lathering, giving longer-lasting cleaning power
  • Contains no phosphates, harsh acids/alkalis or chlorine bleach, which can accumulate or pollute lakes, rivers or streams
  • Dermatologically-tested and fully biodegradable
  • Can be diluted in cold water, thereby conserving energy and using less hot water
  • Fragrance contains essential oils
  • Paler, purer colour and milder


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