eSpring™ Water Treatment System Replacement Filter


US-patented multi-stage activated pressed carbon block replacement filter. Lasts for up to 5000 litres or one year, whichever comes first.

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eSpring Performace Data Sheet

Carbon Filter

    • Coconut shells serve as the raw material source for the carbon used in our filter cartridges. This carbon is subject to a highly refined manufacturing process and rigid quality control to ensure the safety and performance of our eSpring Water Treatment System.


    Activated pressed carbon filter is a US-patented multi-stage carbon block which effectively:

  • removes more than 140 potential health-affecting contaminants including lead and mercury;
  • removes chlorine taste and odour;
  • traps carbon-based contaminants 300% smaller than the diameter of a human hair, improving clarity;
  • treats up to 5 000 litres of water, enough for the average family of six or one year, whichever comes first;
  • allows good nutrients to pass through as they are not attracted to the carbon filter and therefore remain in the water.


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