Glister™ kids Toothpaste


Strawberry flavoured Glister™ kids toothpaste with fluoride helps strengthen and protect developing teeth.

Glister™ kids is newest extension of the Glister Brand, trusted oral care brand for generations. Glister™ kids products are designed specifically for the needs of children age two and up.

Size: 85g

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Glister kids toothpaste contains:

  • the REMINACT formula which helps redeposit essential natural minerals back into the enamel to help make teeth stronger and more resistant to decay.
  • an enamel-safe gentle cleansing formula that cleans safely and thoroughly
  • fluoride which helps strengthen and protect developing teeth and fights cavities.
  • tasty, strawberry flavor which encourages regular brushing



  • specially developed for the needs of children aged two and up.
  • safely and gently cleans and cares for developing teeth and gums
  • helps protect against cavities
  • helps reinforce positive oral care habits.
  • It also repairs early cavities and dental decay through remineralization.


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