Instant Coffee


Freeze-dried coffee is considered to be the best method for instant coffee production. The coffee is brewed, then frozen into slabs and ground into particles which are then put into a vacuum with a small amount of heat. This turns the ice directly into steam, leaving the ground particles dry, chunky and ready for use. Use one heaped teaspoon of Instant coffee granules and top up with hot water to make one mug of delicious coffee.

(4 x 100g foil packs)

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  • Instant coffee is hot water soluble.
  • Instant coffee freeze-dried granules.
  • Instant coffee convenience.


  • Instant preparation – easy and quick to make a single cup of coffee in just a few seconds. Suitable for use in a variety of recipes that require a coffee flavour but not necessarily a coffee liquid.
  • Easy to measure for one, two or more with no waste. Can make a different brew strength per person.
  • Makes coffee a quick alternative to tea.


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