NUTRILITE™ Bilberry with Lutein,


NUTRILITE™ Bilberry with Lutein,

A special combination of bilberry, lutein and vitamin A to help support healthy eyes at any age.


­The new formulation of NUTRILITE™ Bilberry with Lutein contains a special combination of bilberry, lutein and vitamin A, to help support healthy eyes at any age. With only 2 tablets you reach the ideal dosage for maximum product benefits! A simple and convenient way to support your diet by filling daily nutritional gaps.

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      • Vitamin A, as one of the main ingredients, contributes to the maintenance of normal vision.
      • botanicals such as Bilberry and Lutein from Marigold, are grown on sustainable NutriCert™ farms. Sustainable farming generates stronger, vigorous plants with higher nutritional value.
      • Nutrilite controls the entire process from seed to supplement, ensuring that only the highest quality ingredients go into NUTRILITE products.
      • Like all NUTRILITE products, Bilberry with Lutein contains no artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives
      • Easy and convenient to use, just two tablets once a day.


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