NUTRILITE™ Vitamin C Plus Time Release – 60 tablets


Introducing a better way to get the most out of your vitamin C. Now, just one tablet of NUTRILITE™ Vitamin C Plus Extended Release gives you all the vitamin C you need for a whole day. It releases slowly and gently throughout the day, so your body can use it more efficiently. Each tablet includes vitamin C plus plant-based nutrients from oranges, lemons, grapefruit – and from acerola cherries grown and harvested on our certified organic farms. Now there’s a better way to keep your body’s natural defences strong.

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  • One tablet convenience.
  • Extended release.
  • Gentle absorption throughout the day.
  • Important plant-based nutrients included.


  • No need to take multiple tablets, several times per day.
  • Slow, steady release for 8 hours which improves utilisation and avoids the waste associated with large doses.
  • No stomach or digestive upset.
  • Closer to the natural nutrient spectrum found in whole fruits than supplements containing just isolated vitamin C.


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