SA8™ All Fabric Bleach


Boost the cleaning power of your regular wash with this versatile powder which contains oxygen bleach to remove stains, brighten whites and clean coloured fabrics (except silk and wool). It’s excellent for pre-soaking and can be used safely around the home to remove stains on mugs and teapots and to clean surfaces and tiles.

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  • SA8™ All Fabric Bleach is a powerful detergent booster that will remove the toughest of stains
  • It is kind on colours because it uses an oxygen bleach, not a chlorine-based one
  • It works at all temperatures – from 20°C to 90°C
  • Used as a pre-soak, it’s extremely effective on difficult stains
  • It removes stubborn tea and coffee stains from mugs and pots and is a good all-purpose cleaner
  • With 99.5% active ingredients, it is concentrated and economical to use
  • SA8™ All Fabric Bleach contains no phosphates, chlorine, dyes, EDTA or NTA and all ingredients are biodegradable


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