A liquid softener, now with two fragrances, which restores softness, maintains absorbency and reduces static cling for supreme comfort. Helps protect your clothes from excessive wear and tear.

Can be used both in the wash and in the dryer.

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  • Softening agents derived from natural sources restore a ‘soft feel’ to clothes and linens,while maintaining the absorbency in towels
  • Softens fibres
  • No residue to potentially irritate skin
  • Gently relaxes fabric fibres, reducing creases and making ironing easier
  • Reduces fabric wear which extends the life of your clothing
  • Antistatic ingredients reduce static cling
  • Two fragrances, Alpine and Garden Blooms, leave clothes smelling fresh and clean; floralscent contains essential oils
  • Concentrated, so only 10 ml needed per 4.5/5 kg of dry wash load
  • Dermatologically- and allergen-tested
  • No phosphates, chlorine, dyes, EDTA, NTA
  • Suitable for hand and machine washing and dryers
  • Non-biological


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