SA8™ Premium Concentrated Laundry Powder Detergent (250g)


This laundry detergent has been scientifically developed to meet the needs of consumers who want powerful cleaning and stain removal performance, but also want a product that is environmentally friendly.

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  • A unique combination of bio-enzymes, biodegradable cleaning ingredients, naturalwater softener and a bleaching additive that all culminate to remove dirt and toughstains effectively
  • The natural water softener improves cleaning performance
  • Cleans at all temperatures (30°C – 95°C)
  • Active oxygen bleach removes stains, making clothes appear whiter and brighter
  • Rinses clean, leaving no residue to irritate sensitive skin
  • Contains silicates to inhibit metal corrosion of clothing fasteners or washing machines
  • Excellent dissolvability means the formula gets to work immediately, attacking difficult dirtand stains such as egg, blood and grass
  • Concentrated to maximise cleaning results and minimise waste
  • Dermatologist/allergist tested
  • Safe for septic systems
  • Lightly fragranced with a citrus scent, containing essential oils
  • Phosphate-free


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